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Wheel Hub and Axle Replacement

We are currently working on restoring a 1970 Late Series IIa. The current project is replacing the axles and wheel hubs. Here’s a photo of a hub and axle that were replaced as well as the hardware.


photo 3

Throughout the process we continued to take photos.





Here’s a quick summary of the work completed.




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  • 1.       All 4 corners  were inspected, a hub seal has leaked 90wt onto the shoes and rear shoes are too thin for our comfort.  a complete brake job needed with a thorough inspection of all the hardware.
  • 2.       All 4 corners stripped to the backing plate  with all three flex lines  inspected for integrity, all the hardware (springs, anchors) need to be replaced, all the wheel cylinders and a complete  brake fluid flush will be done
  • 3.       Inspection finds that the hub assemblies will need to be replaced; the right front axle will need to be replaced due to rust at the splined hub end.
  • 4.       All the new components were prepped and painted.

Solex Carburetter Rebuild

One of our most recent projects is rebuilding a group on Solex Carburetters. Throughout this endeavor we documented the process as well as the final testing.

This is the group of carbutetters before the rebuilding process.


We started with a group of 6 carbs on a flat machined plate. The Base plate is confirmed flat and is used to the test the flatness of the carburetter bodies.


This drill press is used for installation of new bushings.


The original Solex bits are in house machined and fabricated.


Here’s a photo of the bushings being installed and pointed out.



This final photo is a finished throttle body.


Before the carburetors are ready for our customers they are thoroughly tested on one of our vehicles. The video below shows some highlights from this process.

The testing vehicle is a Series 2, 109, 2 and ¼ engine with compression at 165 all 4 cylinders, recent upgraded house built rocker shaft with valves adjusted.  Ignition system is completely OE with a fresh in house rebuilt distributor with a superlative center shaft, fresh points adjusted to a dwell of 40 and timing set at 8 degrees before TDC with a total ignition timing advance of 32 degrees at 2800 RPM.

All carbs are put on this vehicle and tested thoroughly consisting of idle quality testing, cruise, WOT(wide open throttle), torque and overall runability.  Low idle quality is crucial to maintain and uphold the nostalgic running quality of the 2 and ¼. and each carburetor must climb a hill whilst at idle and without any throttle control of 10 degrees incline and be able to acell smoothly out of idling up the incline.

Carburetors available in complete and total rebuilds, new old stock and as used looking but with all jets taken out and cleaned, accelerator fuel pump diaphragm replaced and any worn hardware corrected.

We can build high altitude carburetors and jet them according to your specific feet above sea level.  Over fueled engines are the leading cause of blow by and ring failure.

Owning an early vintage Land Rover for which the parts scene is thinner, requires a sliding scale of mechanical talent and money, where you can substitute one for the other

Restoring Lucas Wiper Motors

In the shop we are restoring Lucas Wiper Motors. These wiper motors were made for late series I, series II, and IIa. We are in the process of dissembling, repairing, and rebuilding a number of these classic wiper motors. Currently we have 8 fully functional Lucas Wiper Motors in stock.  Below is a video of three motors in the process of being restored, a 4th is in process as I type this.

IMG_0794 IMG_0793 IMG_0788

During the process of repairing these motors we took some photos. Here’s Steve the mechanic using a lathe to clean the commutator and all shafts, followed by fresh lube.IMG_0789IMG_0790

Friday End Of Job Success!

Here is a picture of a successful completion of the job we posted about earlier in the week. The fuel lines look wonderful. Around here we are very productive…..even on Fridays


In the  upgrade repair of the classic D90 tail light/wiring failures we replaced the all the rear tail light s with leds.  After such repairs the turn signal tempo flashed at a beyond positive attitude….a bit faster of a flasher then OE.  There is a very simple fix for this a bit timely but simple considering the alternatives. Here’s a little pop quiz for the weekend, How would you change the tempo of a turn signal when converting over to LED?

Happy New Year

We hope that everyone had a terrific holiday season and new year. It’s been a while since we posted but were back and ready to share what we’ve been up to lately. One of our customers had us detail the engine compartment on their rover. It looks pretty incredible. We also are continuing the restoration process on the 1963 Safari Wagon. These are just a couple of the vehicles we have currently in the works. Some of the new years resolutions we have around here are to blog more often and also expand into new kinds of content such as video. Heres to a great start to 2013.

IMG_8048 IMG_8049 IMG_8046 IMG_8051