Friday End Of Job Success!

Here is a picture of a successful completion of the job we posted about earlier in the week. The fuel lines look wonderful. Around here we are very productive…..even on Fridays


In the  upgrade repair of the classic D90 tail light/wiring failures we replaced the all the rear tail light s with leds.  After such repairs the turn signal tempo flashed at a beyond positive attitude….a bit faster of a flasher then OE.  There is a very simple fix for this a bit timely but simple considering the alternatives. Here’s a little pop quiz for the weekend, How would you change the tempo of a turn signal when converting over to LED?

1 thought on “Friday End Of Job Success!

  1. mud4fun

    I’ve never fitted LED lights but I’m going to guess at a resistor! 🙂

    Fuel lines look great. Are all D90 tanks mounted at the rear? I’ve not owned a modern era defender but I had a 90 many years ago and the tank was in the same position as it is on a series, under the drivers seat. I thought they still were. Is this because of US crash legislation I wonder?


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